About the group:

Detroit Spotters is a group of aviation enthusiasts from the Detroit area. We frequent the airports in the area. The group started out as a forum with a starting member group of 4.
The original 4 members of the group were:
                                Matt Thaler: Join date - January 16th, 2007
                                Toby Werner: Join date - January 16th, 2007
                                Nick Greed: Join date – January 17th, 2007
                                Kory Loftis: Join date:  January 25th, 2007
I would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you. What makes a group is it’s members, without you we would be nothing.

What is spotting?:

Spotting, plain and simple, is the enjoyment of aircraft by watching them. Many spotters take photos of the airplanes, others just record the tail numbers, and some just like to watch. Some are serious about it, others are laid back. Plane spotting is what YOU want it to be.

Is it legal?:

Of course it is! In the United States (and most countries) plane spotting is a perfectly legal hobby. In fact, spotters are a great benefit to security. Most spotters know the airport they are spotting at very well, and can point out something that is just not right to security personnel.

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